Where to Find The Best Travel Deals

When it comes to looking for a SWEET travel deal, it may seem like an incredibly daunting task. Most people will want to look for the best deals possible so they can save money, and still get the best bang for their buck–but they may not know where to start. For many, you may want to travel, but you might feel as if the funds for traveling just aren’t there. Luckily, The Liberated Traveler has turned the task of searching for travel deals into an incredibly fun experience! Also, if you check out my post that talks about saving money for what ever the occasion may be, you will see that it most definitely is possible to save for a trip. Just visit the top menu, and click on the page titled “Saving/Preparing for your trip,” and you’ll get an idea of what you can do to develop a simple and affective savings plan.

Join me as we go over the best travel agencies to book with, along with a sneak peek into some of their best travel, hotel, and rental car deals.

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Now, with all negativity set aside, planning for a trip is an extremely exciting experience. The anticipation that you build from the moment you schedule time off work, leading up to your drive to the airport can almost be overwhelming! Its very common to feel this excitement, and it’s also very normal if you have no idea where to start when it comes to planning. I know that it can be a bit stressful; I have been there during the “planning phase,” which is why I have your back here at liberatedtravelers.com.

I’ve saved you a lot of time and energy and have found (after months of reading over customer reviews) the best travel agencies to book with. All of the agencies listed below are extremely professional, and take pride in putting their guests first.

Now for the deals

As one of the most expensive parts of the trip, transportation is one area that people look to save the most money. There are hundreds of resources that you can use to find GREAT deals on cheap air flight tickets. Not only that, but if you dont have family in the locations that you’re traveling to, then it’s always a great idea to look at discount hotel deals.

Best websites to find these amazing deals

1. Booking.com

If you’re looking for a way to view organized lists of the best travel deals possible, then Booking.com is definitely the way to go. Booking.com will of course look at the best bundles deals, and look at saving you as much money as possible. You can find Hotel, Flight, and even Rental Car Deals on their site. With 24hr support Booking.com is centered around its guests, and will even suggest their best travel destinations much like us here at liberatedtravelers.com. Booking.com also has a sweet feature that allows you to pay at location. With this option, you can wait until you arrive at your destination to pay for your stay or transportation, which is very convenient for some, and assures security for others who don’t like sharing their payment information online. Check out Booking.com today and see how much you can save on your dream trip.

2. TripAdvisor

You can find awesome deals at pretty much any time of the year, for virtually any location you can think of. One of my most favorite resources would happen to be TripAdvisor, which is great platform for comparing hotel deals, and even airflight deals within many different locations across the globe. TripAdvisor will do the comparing for you, and will find the best deals possible. They have been trusted to do so since 2000, and continue to be leading experts in travel planning/management. Check out TripAdvisor, and they will also let you know what each location has to offer such as popular tourist sites, and fun filled activities.

3. JetRadar

One amazing resource that we happened to stumble upon is called JetRadar, which happens to be the answer for ALL of our air flight deal, and hotel bundle deal needs. JetRadar has already been in business for nearly 6 years, and continues to grow and expand as a leading platform for finding cheap air flight tickets. What we really love about booking flights with JetRadar is how user friendly, and inviting their webpage is. When visiting this site, it’s actually a really fun and enjoyable experience to navigate through JetRadar, and it’s easy to use/understand website. What you’ll also find, is that JetRadar will locate hotel, rental car, and bus deals within your destination. It’s amazing, and really all you will need for planning your trip.

4. Agoda

Much like JetRadar, and honestly most travel programs, Agoda‘s User friendly interface is extremely easy to navigate through. Agoda has a very simple, and very efficient way of doing business online, because its web design introduces a unique and organized style that allows the user easy access to some of the most popular destinations around the world. Agoda offers Hotel deals, cheap flight deals, and even bundles that are designed to help you save money in the long run. What’s really awesome about Agoda is that they will work for you, and find the best hotel deals possible. Some deals are known to start off as low as $15 for a night at your destination. Agoda is another big name, and is extremely trustworthy with the fact that they definitely will work with you and your budget.

5. Expedia

Expedia is one of the most trusted and well know travel agencies available to anybody with a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Expedia is a leading expert in travel planning/management and continues to soar with their amazing flight and hotel rates, and excellenet customer service. The most you can get out of Expedia is the fact that you can actually bundle hotel and flight packages, and have the potential of saving even more money by doing so. Just like it is possible to save money by bundling insurance rates, the same holds true for hotel and flight rates. Not only does Expedia offer booking on flights and hotels, but they also have amazing rates for great cruise deals.

The POWER of just 1 Cruise Trip

Why settle for just one location when you can hit multiple locations in trip? With the abililty to sail the ocean commercially, it is more than possible to hit many bucketlisted vacation spots in one sweep. There are TONS of different cruise liners that you can sail with, and all of which are amazing. You can find the most cost efficient and afforable cruises with Carnival Cruise, but every cruise line such as Celebrity Cruise, Norwegian Cruise, and even Viking Cruises all have honors, and deserve credit for their world-class services.

Cruise liners are known worldwide as “floating cities” that provide entertainment and relaxation for people of almost every age.

While onboard, you will find great fun in the sun and games for kids, and not to mention the casinos and nightclubs that are available for adults/teens. Also, most cruise liners will have on board gyms as well as magic shows, plays, and comedy shows throughout the evening.

“Destination Unknown,” in Carnival Magic’s Showtime Lounge. Photo by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines

Of course, we also have to mention the fact that along with your boarding pass, you get access to unlimited food buffets! On top of the unlimited food, you’ll still get fed dinner every evening within their great dining halls.

Just as promised, you will still get the chance to schedule activities (excursions) within different port locations. Depending on what area youre sailing in, you can have access to as many as SEVEN port locations. Just when you thought it was fun onboard, it gets even better when your ship has docked in Greece, Belize, or even Alaska (locations depend on the areas you’re sailing in.) To make it even easier, you can actually pick your excursions before you even leave port, and pay for them in advance through the cruise service provider. Aside from excursions, you can always opt into just exploring the port location, and have the ability to shop and enjoy the food.

The possibilities are endless, and you can bet that there is not a single dull moment while on on cruise. To make it even easier on your budget, a lot of cruise service providers will allow you to pay off your cruise over the course of time.  You can schedule a trip a year from now, and pay it off with seperate installments each month leading to your departure date.