About David

About David

Hello to all of you, and thank you so very much for taking the time to get to know me! My name is David (as seen above) and I am the creator of ‘The Liberated Travler.’ I do hope that the information you find on this entire website is of use to you, and would help inspire you to follow the burning desire you’ve always had to travel and see the world, which is an abitious desire I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

Why the Liberated Traveler

What does it mean to become a liberated traveler? Why is traveling so rewarding, and how will these rewards benefit me and my view on life?

Ever since I was a young fellow, I had begun to develop these dreams and aspirations of becoming a world-wide explorer; I mean, how cool would it be to lead a life that would allow you to just pick up and go to any destination of your choosing? One week you’re in the Amazonian jungle discovering new species of plants and insects, and in the following week you’re in Australia boxing Kangaroos! These bright eyed dreams were inspired by the makings of popular TV channels such as The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Animal Planet. Yes I did watch cartoons as a child, but was far more fascinated by the possibility of embarking on these incredible journeys across the globe on my own. Of course, these were childhood ambitions of mine, yet a big part of me still holds on to very similar dreams and aspirations, and I’m sure that a lot of you can relate.

Of course, we are familiar with the way the real world works; Most of us have full time 9-5 jobs, and a lot of you here may also have families to look after and provide for. I definitely do myself, and I know that I would give anything to spend more quality time with them. These busy lives that we lead make that sought after quality time harder to come around, and make that dream vacation seem as if it is nothing more than a dream. Some of us may be uncertain as to how far a trip will set us back financially, while other’s may feel that they would never get the time away from work to even think about squeezing any sort of vacation into their busy schedules.

These are all fears and insecurities that we may have, but what if I told you that it is, and always is possible? What if all it took was a simple shift of mind, along with a very simple budget plan? Anything truthfully is possible, despite the odds and the shortcomings were faced with. My goal is to help inspire others when it comes to pursuing and conquering our life-long dreams, because with all of this reality that we face each and every day, in the end each and every one of us deserve to escape reality every now and then when the opportunity comes.

Why I want to help you

Our lives are full of time senstive tasks, stresses, and hard work that we put in to get our hard earned money. A lot of us may feel as if we are part of this endless cycle of certainty, and yern to feel just a hint of spontaneity at least just a few times. I know you work hard, so why not treat and invest in yourself, or your family for a cause that is greater than you and I? Now I do not in anyway shape, or form condone wreckless or extremely impulsive behavior, which is why I can’t stress enough the fact that you do in fact need a game plan in place when it comes to making any sort of change in your life. It’s always wise to have a gameplan in place, such as having a budget plan, or by freeing up space in your schedule because it will help set you for success in the long run without creating any unexpected stresses.

It also is natural to want to feel “ready” when it comes to making a big decision or change in your life, but the truth is that you will never be 100% ready. It may feel like a risk, but I take it from my buddy Raul, who was able to travel abroad TWICE while working full time (At that time) at Home Depot. He now has a much better paying job, and only continues to travel a few times every year. Did I mention that he’s only 22? If that doesn’t speak volumes, then I don’t know of much else that would. He did admit that he was very hesitant at first before his first major trip to Greece, but all I took for was to just go for it. He saved the money, had it in place, put it to good use, and just went. Nowadays, not only has he seen a great deal of the world, but after each trip, he comes back with this Glow that just radiates confidence and contentment.

My goal is to help inspire you to realize that you should not live life unfulfilled. We all only get one chance at life, and opportunities don’t always come twice.

Help The Liberated Traveler, help YOU

Feed back is always appreciated. Tell me what you think, and what you would wish to see. You can definitley leave comments, and let me know whether or not this gets the juices flowing when it comes to planning your dream trip(s)

All the best,




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