Economies that rely on your Travel

Tourism-reliant economies

Most of us know that tourism in itself can generate a lot of revenue for an economy, no matter where the location may be. Some of us may already know, or may be surprised to know that active tourism is imperative for the growth and prosperity of some smaller or developing economies.

When you travel, not only do you invest in yourself in a fulfilling and positive way, but you almost immediately give back to an economy in need of your support. The travel industry alone makes up nearly 10% of global GDP, which means that money spent on travel and tourism goes straight back into the economy, which is why it is important for a developing country’s economic growth. Places such as the Maldives, Aruba, the Bahamas, and even the Former Netherland Antilles are all developing economies that rely heavily on tourism. Tourism in the Maldives, as an example, brings the economy a whopping 325 Million each year, which is used to help sustain public facilities, and helps provide healthcare for those who live there.

What inspires many to travel is the ability to visit developing nations in the hopes of giving back to an economy in greater need. To much surprise, the simple fact that individuals are booking trips to these locations, and making purchases within these locations is an action that helps TREMENDOUSLY, when it comes to sustaining economic prosperity.

If you are just as inspired as I am to give back to our world of endless possibilities, then you should consider visiting our select locations that rely heavily on tourism.

We have a short, but mighty list here…

1. Aruba


Aruba has developed an economy that solely relies on tourism as its second sector that is responsible for most of its annual income, after petroleum. Since 1947, Aruba has opened up ports for tourism and has since expanded its reach by becoming accessible by cruise ship. Beautiful Aruba is known for having one of the most ethnically diverse cultures in the world, since most of its inhabitants know a MINIMUM of four languages, including Spanish and English. Aruba is truly a stunning location that has continued to increase in popularity, and can easily be listed as a must-see travel destination that will benefit from your stay. The best time to find the best travel rates for Aruba is usually from August-April.


2. Belize


Belize is another economy that you will have to see for yourself in order to get why tourism is so important. The Country is flat out beautiful, and is home to some of the oldest Mayan Ruins that continue to stand tall to this day. Merchants rely on tourists to buy their products that they sell at their very own stands. They’ll sell toys, hand crafted items, and even fresh food to those who pass by. You can run into many of these merchants along guided Mayan Ruin tours. Aside from it’s stunning beaches, you can find yourself snorkeling with sea turtles, manatees, and even the gentle giant that is the whale shark. Belize should never be overlooked when planning a trip, because it does benefit from tourism, but has so much to give in return. You better Be-lize that the best time to visit this location is from late November to mid April, which is when you’ll experience more mild humidity.


3. Fiji


The sprawling islands of Fiji rely heavily on tourism, but promise to deliver an amazing vacation experience when visiting. Just last year (2017) Fiji raked in over $500 million with tourism alone, which is revenue that is used for economic stabilization. A lot of which goes straight back into funding Fiji’s hospitable needs, which is what allows Fiji to remain as one of the most amazing and relaxing places to visit in the world. Visit Fiji between July and September, because this is when you’ll experience the best weather within the year.


4. Croatia


Last year, Croatia invested over $900 million into the tourism sector, in the hopes of gaining a respectable return on investment. This incredibly stunning destination located about 4 hours away from Venice Italy is historic, and although it does face times of economic crisis and hostility, it remains as one of the most beautiful historic tourist locations in the world. It actually ranks as one of the top 10 Mediterranean locations that tourists love to visit year after year regardless of the odds. The best time to find the best rates is usually within the months of May and June.


5. Cambodia


With an amazing history, rich culture, and exotic ruins, Cambodia is becoming one of the most popular places to visit in South-East Asia. Tourism is becoming an extremely important industry in Cambodia, since it welcomes an astonishing 2 million international tourists each year. The number of visitors is expected to grow this upcoming year, and this growing number is welcomed by the amazingly warm and friendly people of Cambodia. Peak season for great weather in Cambodia is from May all the way into October.

It doesn’t end with a simple list

There are many other locations that are not limited to this list of 5 that rely on your travels. Nearly every economy needs a piece of the pie, which is why its great to contribute to these 5 locations along with many others.

Our beautiful planet has much to offer, and you surprisingly have quite as much to offer to the global economies simply just by booking a trip.

I hope this helps open the eyes for many who are on the fence when it comes to traveling. It’s usually good to know just how much of an impact your actions have on not just yourself and your immediately family, but on an idea that is bigger than all of usĀ as well. Let’s make it possible for us to provide a positive impact to those who are in need.

Let me know what you think in the comments about economic growth, and how travel can help contribute! Also, if you would like to share your own stories about these locations, or any other locations that thrive on tourism, the comments section is open to all.

Safe Travels!



2 Replies to “Economies that rely on your Travel”

  1. Traveling, seeing as much of the world as possible, is always a goal many have, but few are able to accomplish. Even though in today’s world, where travel is relatively cheap, and where many countries are close to our borders to see, many Americans do not feel the urge to even see our neighbors, either to the north or south. That’s a shame.

    Traveling broadens one’s perspectives and expands one’s horizons. It exposes us to other cultures and gives us a better understanding of other people, as well as a greater appreciation of our own country. It can dispell misplaced fears and deeply held misconceptions about people who are not like us, and whose ideas are foreign to us. And for many, it also gives them an opportunity to go back to the countries their own forebears had left generations ago.

    I hope your blog will help people discover the joys of traveling. There are so many opportunities. There are so many options. Your job is to open each door for your readers.

    Good luck!

    1. I could not have said any of that better myself! I agree with you whole heartedly, and i hope that you fulfill your inner most desires. Your happiness is important.

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